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Growing up in Cairo, a strongly cultural context, Salsabeel Amin has been particularly interested in designs that are driven by her local context and that reflect on people’s everyday lives. Upon completing her Architectural degree at the American University in Cairo, Amin was continuously moving across and exploring various design disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, Photography, Lighting Design Product Design, Making..etc) ideally seeking to create integrative outcomes from such overlapping fields.  She soon realized she wanted to experience design on a more detailed and hands-on approach. Thus, pursued her MA degree in Design of Product + Space at Kingston, London; where she was greatly influenced by the British craftsmanship.  Such hands-on exposure created a great drive to reinterpret the value of craftsmanship in her local context.


On returning to Cairo, Amin became more interested in reviving culturally specific crafts and skills. Her latest lighting collection, ore collection works on the most local traditional crafts that are about to go obsolete, and reintroduces them in a contemporary manner that resonates to the modern context we live in today; thus, bringing them back to life.  Amin continues to explore and develop dialogue between designer and craftsmanship.





2013-2014: MA Design: Product + Space at Kingston University (KU)

2011: Sustainable Design at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

2006-2011: BSc Architecture Engineering at American University of Cairo (AUC)



2013: Second Prize Winning Project for the Sustainable Ecological Environmental Design (SEED) Competition, for designing green initiatives in the streets of Cairo.

 2012: Winning Project for the Omrania Center for the Study of Built Environment (CSBE) Student Award Competition for Excellence in Architectural Design. 



2017: Ore Lights, Middle East! Design Now, London Design Festival, London.

2016: Ore Lights, CairoNow!City incomplete, Dubai Design Days, Dubai

2015: Ore Lights, Furnex, Cairo

2014: Designersblock, London

2014: Manifesto #2253 , London

2014: Souvenir,  London

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