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The award winning project, 'The Cycle Kiosk'  is an initiative to facilitate cyclers to commute in groups. Travelling in groups would over come most of Cairo’s cycling barriers and would even become a motive for more and more cyclers. The Kiosk acts as a physical facilitator (in terms of offering bikes and a location) as well as a social enabler (arranging group cycling). Its long-term vision is not just to overcome cycling barriers but also make a change in the streets of Cairo. In other words, with the great increase of cyclers on the streets, cycling lanes and bike racks would start being implemented; and the community would change their perception of cycling from ‘odd’ to ‘trendy’, turning the streets of Cairo into a BICYCLE FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT.


Problem Background:

  • Street Conditions don’t accommodate cyclers

    •  No cycling lanes (This could be managed on wide streets but some streets are too narrow and too crowded to cycle in.)

    • Alternatively, there are no pavements that cyclers can travel on.  (most of which are too narrow or obstructed)

    • Bike racks are extremely rare on streets making it less motivating for cyclers to use their bikes.

  • Driver’s Behavior: makes cyclers exposed to more accidents than usual.

  • Assault: cyclers are exposed to abuse in certain areas. Females are prone to verbal and physical harassment.

  • Bike Rentals: Not a lot of people own bikes and there aren’t so many Bike rentals.  


Project Approach:

The proposed Bike Kiosk is a refurbished shipping container booth that would be located in the heart of a community to attract and facilitate people to cycle in groups.


  • Acts as a node/landmark for cyclers to meet and cycle together.

  • Plans, Schedules and Announces daily commuting trips.

  • Maps the best cycling routes in the region.

  • Rents out bicycles.


The more it gains popularity the more the arranged community trips there will be. For eg: people who go to work at ‘Masaken Sheraton’ will find it convenient to meet at the kiosk and commute together to work. 


Target Users:

Potential Cyclers: people that already have the motive to cycle but are not provided with suitable conditions. Eg: can’t find a group in their region to cycle together.

  • Bike owner

  • People who don’t own a bike

Neutral Cyclers: people that don’t have the motive yet but are attracted to cycling as a new activity.

Current Cyclers: Frequent cyclers that would act as encouragement to other new cyclers to join them. 


What’s different about CYCLE KIOSK?   

There are some initiatives that are starting to encourage cycling in groups, but they do so through communicating arrangements online to an existing cycling community.

However the CYCLE KIOSK:

Draws people from the streets and encourages the public rather than just the frequent cyclers.

Facilitates rather than only communicating.

Acts as a physical cycling landmark.(allowing the project to be self sustained on the long run).

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