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Streets are one of the main sources of frugal innovation where the lack of resources leads to genuine and spontaneous creations. As a designer, it becomes more difficult to achieve this purer, natural way of making things.

Having said that, ‘Street Label’ stands at a midpoint between street made creations and designed home products. It is a practice of integration between the purity and simplicity of street making approaches with the elegance and consideration of a well-designed product.

The lighting collectioncelebrates the ‘quick fix’ approach commonly conducted in street innovations. Inspirit of street behaviour, the floor lamp is assembled in a way that that compels the user to interact and have an understanding of the objects they own.


The following images are a selected sample of the image collection I have gathered through my exploration, and that played a major role in my research process. It has served me as an excellent reference of how street creativity is conducted  in the street. The visuals express the innovative vibe and good sense of contextualization found in the street. There are many intangible aspects to street creations that are not always appreciated at first glance; however, the closer you observe, the more you start to notice it from different perspectives: functionality, simplicity, persistence, courage and humor.


(Visual Research)

More on Process + Inspiration: 

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